Turkoise Dive Sites

The following are the 'posted' dive sites that the boats will go to. Obviously, weather conditions and currents may dictate changes. I've included this to give some idea of the variety of different sites that this village has. These are the 'normal' sites that they go to, but in reality there are about 30 sites. The live-aboards (Aggressor and Sea Dancer) also use the same sites, and are usually there first. The 'travel time' is to the 1st dive site, for the two tank dives.

The largset and fastest of the boats, Torpedo Ray, is used mostly for the 8AM dive. Blue Manta is used for the 10AM and 2PM dives. The other boat, Bat Ray, is there as a backup or when they get really crowded; she's getting old and tired, not to mention having been beached once.

This list was current as of September-2000.

8AM BOAT - 2 tank dive (9AM on the weekend)
Day Travel Time 1st Dive 2nd Dive
Monday 60 Hole in the Wall Piranha Cove
Tuesday 45 Club Med One Graceland
Wednesday 40 Amphitheater Coral Gables
Thursday 40 The Crack Catacombs
Friday 35 Pine Cay Eagle Ray Pass
Saturday 20 Sunset Strip Grouper Hole
Sunday 15 Aquarium Crocodile

10AM BOAT - 1 tank dive
Day Travel Time 1st Dive
Monday 10 Coral Gables
Tuesday 20 Aquarium
Wednesday 15 Grouper Hole
Thursday 15 Piranha Cove
Friday 10 Graceland

2PM BOAT - 1 tank dive
Day Travel Time 1st Dive
Monday 15 Grouper Hole
Tuesday 10 Graceland
Wednesday 15 Fifi's Folly
Thursday 10 Cathedral
Friday 15 Piranha Cove

The Dives Sites Arranged from closest to farthest from the village
(By Area)
Grace Bay near marina Pine Cay area N. W. Point
Grouper Hole Aquarium Eagle Ray Pass Club Med One
Graceland South Wind Wreck Pine Cay Shark Hotel
Pinnacles Shark Hole Football Field Cay Black Forest
Piranha Cove Amphitheatre
Coral Gables Chimmney
Crocodile The Crack
Half Moon Bay Garden Eels
2 Sharks Real Mans Wall
Catacombs Tiki Hut
Fifi's Folly Hole in the Wall
Shark Alley
Sunset Strip

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