Turkoise - the restoration (2004)

The current renovation is due to be finished by November of 2004. They had a LARGE crew working and the contractor is Canadian, so I think the timeframe is reasonable.

The current renovation will be focused almost entirely on the guest rooms. They will be totally redone. They aren't moving the walls and they aren't moving the plumbing, other than that everything goes. The bathroom will have a door and the sink turned 45 degrees. Previously buildings 'D', 'E', and 'F' had the twin beds on opposite sides of the room, after the renovation the beds will be next to each other like buildings 'A', 'B', and 'C'. Half the villages rooms will be a single king bed - much pressure from the couples for this change. The other end of the bedroom will be built-in closets with a built-in desk in the middle (the wood looked like teak). Very nice looking. In the closets will be hanging areas and cubbyholes. The safe is in one of the cubbyholes in a spot that someone gave some though to - Oh my God. They will be putting screens back on the windows!!! But the ceiling fans are no longer; just A/C now. That's actually really bad for us scuba divers, the A/C really messes up our lungs when we dive. I never sleep with the A/C on; or at least very, very low. There will even be a mini fridge. The coffee maker will be on a shelf in the bathroom.

The only things that will happen during the current renovation to the common areas, is the cement. They will be putting colors and pictures into the cement. Things like turtles, dolphins, etc... Everything around the front entrance, theater, pool, bar, and main restaurant will be redone. They were ripping out slabs of cement on my last visit.

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