Turkoise - the restoration (2000/2001)

Recently the Cancun village underwent a renovation. Not only was everything fixed up, but the entire village was given a face lift with a bright new look. That DID NOT happen at Turkoise's restoration. Basically Turkoise got a long, long, overdue maintenance session; that's it. Pretty much everything is the same old look and feel.

I was stunned to walk into my newly renovated room and find it looking exactly like it use to look.

So what have they done? New bedspreads, painted throughout the room, new bathroom sink and fixture, new shower fixture, new door lock, and added a light in the gloomy shower.

They finally moved the fu__ing safe. YEA! It's now near the bottom of the closest where it should be, rather than effectively cutting the closet space in half as it had been.

The room keys are now attached to a plastic card which must be inserted into a small box next to the front door, in order to turn on the electricity. I'm sure this makes sense to corporate executives for saving money, but in reality, just unhook the card from the key and leave the card in the box for the rest of your stay. Though, on my last visit, the housekeepers had been ordered to take the card if it was left in the slot, forcing you to have to go to the reception desk to get a new one.

The same old dingy gray chairs next to the scratched up box that stood in for a coffee table. Dual ceiling fans and A/C appear the same.

Yes, the rooms now have telephones and TVs. The phones have voice-mail which can be handy for leaving friends in other rooms messages. The TV has 12 of the major channels (HBO, CNN, ESPN, etc...), but none of the 'village info' like Columbus Isle which is very handy. On one visit, I could only get 3 of the channels as the others were all snowy.

It now looks like it did originally - which is to say, nice. It was always a pretty pool, it just needed work - maintenance. They put all new light and dark blue tiles through out. Looks good.

The scuba dock has been extended. YEA!! What a joy to walk onto the boat rather than swim. The hammerhead has been removed from the water-ski dock and a cabana built for shade.

Common areas:
Basically, fresh paint everywhere. The 'theme' for the makeover (if you can call it that) is nautical. I guess they were keying off Sharkie's beach bar as the seed idea. Honestly, you really wouldn't notice most of it, unless you'd been to the village in the past.

They've gone for a partial Disneyland feel. Do we need a boat hanging from the rafters? Though, in general, I think the bar area is better. If nothing else, the roof has been extended somewhat so there's a larger dry area when it's raining.

In the past, the reception area was a afterthought wedged into a room that was way too small, just across from a completely under utilized common area (read that - waste of space). I'm always amazed when Club Med does something that truly makes sense. They ripped out the wasted space and put the reception area there.

Disco (night club) - gone:
The old disco was just dreadful. It was two dark, dreary rooms with no character what so ever; just gloom. Someone finally woke up to that fact, so currently there isn't a disco at Turkoise. All music and dancing is done in front of the main bar. Does it make the bar crowded? Yes. Does it make it close to impossible to carry on a conversation at the bar? Yes. But it isn't as bad as it might seem and it's a big step up from the old disco. There is even a small DJ booth and some nice dance lighting. The main bar now closes later; 2am. After that, head for Sharkie's.

For you old-timers, we've now come full circle with the disco. The original disco was a nice open air affair on the beach. But it allowed too much late night noise into the rooms in areas 'D' & 'E'; people complained. So they moved the disco into the dreary, but quiet spot next to the main dining room. Everyone hated the place, so they started having 'beach parties' with a live band under the stars. This eventually evolved into Sharkie's (which is way too small for any serious dancing). So, now we have open air dancing right next to the main bar.

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