Provo is a beautiful island and Grace Bay is a wonderful crescent beach. There is a small casino (at the Allegro) near the village, if you're into that kind of stuff. There is very little to see on this island so expect to spend most of your time in the village. When it's full the Club holds 600; an average size village. This is a popular location so expect it to be at, or near, capacity most of the time. The decor of the rooms is typical Club Med - spartan. The rooms are in two wings around the main part of the village; SCUBA divers should ask for something in area 'C'; or at least 'B', or 'A' as it's much closer to the dive shack. For most everyone else I recommend area 'A', as it's close to the center of the village but still nice and quiet.

I think the Club baby's the NYer's a little too much. They get a direct flight from JFK to Provo, everyone else has to connect through Miami. I should say they use to, now they sometimes have to make a quick stop at Columbus Isle on the way down. Depending on the time of the year there are other cities that have direct flights; but only a couple. When you're flying in, the island looks like a giant sandbar in the middle of the ocean. Easy access is a virtue of this village.

Also, the water on the island is desalinated, you might want to consider bottled water.

On the plus side, this village is no longer 99% NYer's. I'm not NY bashing, but it use to feel like living in a Rocky movie. The crowd is getting a better mix from all over.

If you noticed in the catalog a (less than inspired) reference to 'Techno crazy dance' at the adult villages. At Turkoise, this translated into a 'foam dance' (or mousse soiree), each week. Kinda fun really; at least until the foam gets over your head.

Note: Due to concerns over the safety and well being of Jojo the dolphin (not to mention a huge amount of bad press), water skiing has been eliminated (October 2000) at Turkoise.

Some notes on the 2004 restoration

Some notes on the 2000/2001 restoration

Turkoise map
Turkoise map

Some Turkoise pictures
Turkoise pics

In a nutshell, this is a very nice Club. It has a good combination of singles and couples. It makes for a nice mix. Sometimes too many SCUBA divers can draw down the energy level of the village (like Columbus Isle), as they tend to go to bed very early. This doesn't seem to happen at this village. A real good variety of sports, so there is something for everyone; they even have slot machines (8), go figure. Provo has one of the nicest beaches that you'll find anywhere.

Dive boat dock. (Also applies to the snorkel boat)
I'm happy to say, there is a dock again. The local government took forever, to give permission to extend the scuba dock. It IS FINALLY IN PLACE!!! For those that don't know, before the recent referb, you had to swim to the dive boat. No kidding. You strapped your gear on and paddle out. The winds and tides had brought in so much sand that the boats couldn't make it to the dock. We're talking like 20 feet, no big deal. Be forewarned, if the seas are rough you may still have to swim rather than trying to use the dock.

Main dining room.
This is a minor point. A while back they installed air-conditioning in the main dining room; this is a good thing. This also meant they had to shut all the windows; this is a bad thing. With no place for the noise to go, the room can get VERY noisy during dinner. There were times I had to strain to hear the person across the table.

Wrist band.
They strap a wrist band on you when you arrive, to identify you as a Club Med guest. This bothers some folk, but I find it a rather minor annoyance. If it wasn't for the band, the folks at the Ocean Club (next door) would be eating over every night.

SCUBA diving:
This is a Dedicated Dive Center. They have 2 very nice boats, one 55 foot and one 48 foot catamarans. The early morning trip leaves at 8am and (usually) runs out about 45 minutes to the N.W. point where all the sites are wall dives. I love wall dives. Most of the walls start at about 50 feet and go real deep. Even if you do a wall site twice, one time you go left and the next time you go right. No wreck dives in the area. They return to Grace Bay for the second dive (about 10 minutes from the Club). Grace Bay dives are sloping small walls or rolling hills. I believe a dive computer is essential here, unless you do all of your dives in Grace Bay.

There are three dive trips per day: 8am - two tank, 10am - one tank, and 2pm - one tank. One night dive per week, usually on Wednesday; but recently it was being done on Tuesday. The single tank trips stay in Grace Bay. I'd get tired with that quickly, but I met several people that were doing both of the single tank trips every day; go figure. The 8am boat returns between 12:30pm and 1pm; still plenty of time for lunch, which is till 3pm.

Turkoise Dive Sites

Bad stuff: the morning boat holds 40+ folks; that's a lot of divers on one site. Stay away from the beginner groups, the buddy teams are the first off the boat; first in - last out.

If you go on the night dive, you will need a personal locator light, either bring your own or buy a Cyalume stick ($4) at the boutique. The Club will supply the dive light. There is a post dive BBQ dinner on the beach (burgers, hot-dogs, etc...). Make sure you bring bug spray!

NOTE: each of the buddies has to have his/her own computer or else you dive using the tables.

Recommended excursion (FOR DIVERS):
The West Caicos Diving comes HIGHLY recommended. Three tank trip with lunch included. It is now being done by ClubMed themselves; rather than an outside operator. It is a FULL day trip, leaving at 8am and returning between 5-6pm. On my last visit the cost was $100US. Gear is included, but wetsuit and computer are extra.

Recommended excursion (FOR NON-DIVERS):
Island Discovery - It's a full day and a bit expensive, but everyone seems to enjoy it. The excursion circles the island, stopping for snorkeling and catching Conch; lunch is included.

Beach Cruise 10am-1pm, 2pm-5pm, $49
Bone Fishing 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, $100+$15license
Bottom/Barracuda Fishing 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, $100+$15license
Cave Safari Tuesday or Thursday, 9:30am-4:30pmpm, $135
Deep Sea Fishing 8:30am-12:30pm, 1pm-5pm, $130+$15license
French Cay Thursday, 10:30am-4:30pm, $109
Golf - 1 round $110 (18 holes)
Golf - 2 rounds $110 each
Golf - 3 rounds $98 each
Golf - 4 rounds $95 each
Golf - 5 rounds $85 each
Island Discovery Wednesday, 9:30am-4:30pm, $119
Island Getaway Daily, 10am-afternoon, $150 per couple
Kayaking 2 hours, $59
Massage 25 minutes - $38, 50 minutes - $70
Native Cruse 1:30pm-4:30pm, $49
Sailing full day + lunch, $82
Sailing half day + lunch, $62
Sailing half day + sunset, $52
Sailing - Ecotour $48
Sea-Doo/Wave Runner 1 hour, $79
Sunset Booze Cruise Monday, 4:45pm-7:30pm, $39
Underwater Scooter $139

Most recent visit: June-2004

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