Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best village for singles?

There aren't any villages for singles ONLY. But the best choices are: Cancun, Playa Blanca, and Turkoise (alphabetic order). All three are fun villages that get a wide range of ages and a good mix of singles and couples. Lots of energy at these locations. Plus, NO CHILDREN!

Working for Club Med sounds great. How do I get a job?

Club Med has a 'jobs' web page ( It has FAQ, recruitment, and starting positions. Another place you might start with is:

GOs make around $500US per month plus room and board. It sounds like a cool job, but it's really a LOT of work. There is a high burnout rate. Starting out, you would not really get to choose which village. They would tell you. They might give you the choice of a couple of villages, but it's their choosing, not yours. Think of it like the Army.

Multilingual helps a lot.

Working at CM is a mind set kind of thing. You have to have the right personality. GOs are now getting one day off every week; something new. You would be living, eating, working, and mixing with the guests all day, every day. Think of it as working 24 hours a day. It's kind of like the movie 'Groundhogs Day'. Don't get me wrong, I've met LOT'S of GOs that have been doing it for years; and love it. But it's much more work than it seems on the surface. Personally, I wouldn't consider signing on for a season without spending at least a week as a GM, at some village.

I'm thinking of doing the 'Wild Card', where will they send me?

The 'Wild Card' and the 'Family Escape' are similar in function, you don't know where you're going until a week before departure.

The 'Wild Card' is obviously Club Med's way of maximizing their capacity. But, as I understand it, they are trying to fill up charter airline seats rather than village beds. An empty bed may not earn any money, but an empty plane seat does cost the company money. Don't count on the popular villages, like Cancun or Turkoise.

In the US, the Wild Card is really only useful for people living in the NY area (some in the Washington area also), as that's where all the flights leave from. Also, the flight might be from ANY of the airports in the NY area. So the person would not know when, or where they're flying 'to' or 'from' until a week before. LA has now been added.

For Canadians the wild card cities are Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

No, I have never done a Wild Card trip. The cost savings is not enough to eclipse not knowing where I might be going. Personally, I couldn't handle the randomness. But I can't say about you.

Can you send me the rates for the village I'm thinking about?

NO!!! I am not Club Med. I am not a travel agent. Sorry. I'm just a person, and I do not have any connection to the travel industry.

Are there other web pages like this one, that might have information on other villages (Europe, Asia, etc..)?

Not that I'm aware of. If anyone runs across one, let me know and I'd be happy to add a link.

Can you give me the e-mail address of a GO I met at the last village I visited?

No. Honestly, I don't know ANY e-mail addresses, of any of the GOs; present or past. If that changes, I'll add a note.

How do I find out which village a GO I met is at now?

I don't know of any good way. If you didn't keep in personal contact (letters) with the GO, you're probably out of luck. There isn't any 'tracking' service to find him/her. I do run into some of the same GOs from time to time; but then I go to Club Med fairly frequently.

Why haven't you been to the village I'm thinking about going to? Is it bad?

Time and money, mainly. All of the villages have different appeals for different people. Obviously scuba is a focus of mine and there aren't many scuba villages (anymore) to attract me. I probably will not be rushing to any of the pure 'family' villages any time soon; either.

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