NOTE: Closed
As some of you may know, Eleuthera was closed in 1999 due to hurricane damage. The village was to reopen at the end of 2000, as 'adult only'. But this isn't going to happen, as the village will remain closed; probably forever. Club Med doesn't want to spend the money to rebuild, so it's likely the property will be sold. Obviously this section will have to be updated. Until then, this is how Eleuthera use to be.

WARNING: This is a 'family' village. Don't even think about this village unless you are bringing your kids or are VERY comfortable around kids. There can be LOTS of kids. During the summer, the place is overrun with them. Even other times of the year, there will be many children.

This is one of the most popular 'family' villages in the American zone; the other being Punta Cana. This is not a party Club, by any stretch. It's exciting if someone walks up to the bar and orders a diet coke. Everyone is in bed by 11PM. Most don't make it till 10PM. The GO's deliver the kids to their parents during dinner (around 9PM) and the kids are usually ready for bed; completely exhausted from their day.

The island is something to see as you are flying in. It's 110 miles long and one mile wide; where the Club village is located. The village is on the Atlantic side of the island, but has a marina facility on the opposite side, with a shuttle running back and forth. Even if you are not doing any water sports it's worth the time to go over and have lunch at the marina; beautiful view.

I found the GO's a bit more open at this village. They are always helpful at any village, but here, they seemed to want to be your friend. Even party down with you. I think it's because they are bored out of their minds and need something, anything, to do.

The beach.
This is THE most beautiful beach I have ever seen. Really!! How often do you see pink sand beaches. Some people think the black sand beaches of Hawaii are pretty. Naw, they're just unusual. You've got to see this beach. With the various shades of blue and green water, the shifting pink sands are a knockout. It's not solid pink, but enough to make it really stand out.

Stuff for the kids.
You probably will not see much of your kids after the first day or two. Once they break the ice with the other kids, they're gone. There is the normal Club Med choice: you can do as much or as little with your kids, it's up to you. If you turn them over to the GO's there is tons of stuff for them to do. The circus, SCUBA, and water-skiing are my favorites for the let's-just-sit-and-watch-the-kids activity. They have separate meals for the kids, with food kids like to eat.
NOTE: it's a good idea to go over the day's activities at breakfast, so the kids know where their parents are, just in case.

The evening show.
OK, I have to admit it. When they get 50 two year olds up on the stage, it IS cute. Besides, this is as wild as it gets, at this village.

Depending on your attitude this can go under the heading of 'pro' or 'con'. When they get the boys yelling 'boys' and the girls yelling 'girls' at each other across the pool, it's time to head for the beach. The GO's do a real good job with the kids, but when a pack, er... I mean a group, descends on your quiet spot of paradise it can be a bit much. I found myself shifting back and forth between the beach and the pool, depending on the noise level.

The rooms.
I'm usually pretty open minded about the rooms at Club Med, but here I really felt like I had checked into a bad motel. They just didn't have the character that other villages have. You are not supposed to be spending much time in your room. Right? So maybe this is a minor point.

SCUBA diving.
Sorry. Many years ago they had a full diving operation here, but not now. It's too bad really, as the 'blue hole' diving in the area is very nice. The current setup is really focused on the kids. They put a pony bottle on them and dive the pool. Very cute. A real 2 tank dive can be done as an excursion, but it's very expensive; I'd pass (or do it on your own).

Most recent visit: May-86

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