Columbus Isle Dive Sites

The following are the 'posted' dive sites that the boats will go to. Obviously, weather conditions and currents may dictate changes. I've included this to give some idea of the variety of different sites that this village has. These are the 'normal' sites that they go to, but in reality there are 40 to 50 that they routinely use. The Riding Rock Inn knows the CM schedule, so there will never be two boats at the same site. The 'travel time' is to the 1st dive site. This list was current as of 18-May-98.

Day Travel Time 1st Dive 2nd Dive
Sunday 30 Grottos Amphitheater
Monday 45 Pedro's Place Shangrila
Tuesday 25 Gardner's Reef Bull Run Cut
Wednesday 50 Doolittles Grouper Gully
Thursday 50 Dr. Jones Cathedral
Friday 70 La Crevasse Shark Alley
Saturday ?? 'discover diving' Twin Poles

Day Travel Time 1st Dive 2nd Dive
Sunday 25 Devil's Claw Sand Castles
Monday 45 Great Cut Vickie's Reef
Tuesday 30 Hole in the Wall Telephone Pole
Wednesday 45 Sand Cliff Cable Crossing
Thursday 55 Double Caves The Pyramid
Friday 20 Telephone Pole Amphitheater
Saturday 35 North Pole Cave Runway 10

Day Travel Time 1st Dive
Sunday 15 Amphitheater
Monday 10 3 Barrels
Tuesday 20 Sand Castles
Wednesday 25 Cathedral
Thursday 20 The Pyramid
Friday 20 Twin Poles
Saturday 25 Grouper Gully

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