SCUBA in Cancun

A few comments on why Club Med might have chosen to drop this sport at this village. This is pure speculation on my part.

Let's face it, the diving at this village was not all that great. Although I think it's better than ANY of the dive sites at Sonora Bay (except Seal Island). The better dive sites are outside the reef and in open water. There is no protection from the waves and currents. My last visit to Club Med Cancun, they canceled diving about a third of my two week stay, due to the weather conditions. Also the dive boat was not owned by the Club. The boat and crew were rented, so this gave the Club less of a financial incentive to keep the program. Of any of the sports, SCUBA requires the most man-power (GOs) and the most equipment - expensive equipment. The equipment they had was in need of replacement due to wear and tear. The new Club Med head guy is in a cost-cutting mode currently.

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